Contact Lanarkshire Lightning

Fill in the form below or email paterson.airdrie@hotmail / tel 07970929295

You can also contact us at our Facebook pages / via Twitter @LLightningIce

  • Coaches and management team are fully disclosed
  • Learn To Play (LTP) Saturdays 10:45 – 11:45
  • Come & Join Scotland’s newest most vibrant Junior Hockey Club
  1. – To get the very best out of ice-hockey, players need to be fairly competent skater.
  2. – You won’t need any kit we’ll provided Stick, skates and helmet for all our LTP kids.
  3. – Qualified coaches with you all the way on the ice. Training Covers…….
  4. – Basic Skating skills – Stop / start/ crossovers and skating backwards, Stick Handling and passing, Shooting practice, Wrist shots
  5. – Specialist Goal tending training.